Comparisons of the system performance for the small solid oxide fuel cell applications

Jee, Youngseok, Lah, Seyun, Son, Ji-Won, Cha, Suk Won

Among the various sizes of the fuel cell applications, the field of portable power sources shows the best feasibility due to the price competitiveness. Solid oxide fuel cells have various sub system types such as internal reforming/external reforming, single chamber/dual chamber, hydrogen feeding/hydrocarbon feeding and so on. We supposed that the performance gaps must exist except the stack performance. So we calculated many factors on the basis of the mass/species balance, thermal balance and power balance. In this study we were able to compare the power efficiency, fuel efficiency and portability from the calculations. And we could estimate the operation conditions of each type. At the result the hydrogen feeding dual chamber type showed the best performance in most fields of comparison.