Low intermediate temperature ceramic fuel cell with Y-doped BaZrO3 electrolyte and thin film Pd anode on porous substrate

Kang, Sangkyun, Heo, Pilwon, Lee, Yoon Ho, Ha, Jinsu, Chang, Ikwhang, Cha, Suk-Won

A porous substrate supported thin film ceramic fuel cell was fabricated with 1-μm-thick yttrium doped barium zirconate (BYZ) electrolyte membrane and operated at low intermediate temperature of 400 °C. A 400-nm-thick Pd anode placed between the electrolyte membrane and the substrate reduced the occurrence of pinholes and subsequently extended the cell area to 4 mm2. By inserting a porous Pt layer between the Pd anode and BYZ electrolyte, the anode kinetics was improved and the maximum power density of 9.1 mW/cm2 was achieved.