2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

장소: 미국, California, San Francisco

개최일정: 2015. 4. 06 – 10

주관기관: Material Research Society

  • 발표논문명: High Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Flake-Shaped Ruthenium Oxide Particles for Electrochemical Capacitors

저자명: Sanghoon Ji, Seungbum Ha, Jinsu Ha, Sangkyun Kang, Yoon Ho Lee, Gu Young Cho, Taehyun Park, Seunghee Woo, Yuanzhe Piao, Wonyoung Lee, Suk Won Cha

발표형태: 포스터

발표일자: 2015. 4. 07

  • 발표논문명: Preparation of Optimal Thin Film YSZ Electrolyte via PEALD for TF-SOFCs

저자명: Gu Young Cho, Seungtak Noh, Yoon Ho Lee, Taehyun Park, Suk Won Cha

발표형태: 포스터

발표일자: 2015. 4. 07

  • 발표논문명: Characterization of Stabilized Ziconia Based Electrolyte Materials for Intermediate Temperature-Hybrid Fuel Cell Applications

저자명: Waqas Hassan Tanveer, Sanghoon Ji, Wonjong Yu, Gu Young Cho, Suk Won Cha
발표형태: 포스터
발표일자: 2015. 4. 08

  • 발표논문명: Quantitative Relation between Compressive Stress on MEA and Performance in Flexible Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Based on PDMS Coated with Silver Nanowires Current Collector
    저자명: Taehyun Park, Ikwhang Chang, Yoon ho Lee, Jinhwan Lee, Seung Hwan Ko, Suk Won Cha
    발표형태: 구두
    발표일자: 2015. 4. 09