Comparison of PMP and DP in Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles

C. H. ZHENG1, G. Q. XU, Y. I. PARK, W. S. LIM, S. W. CHA

Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle (PMP) and Dynamic Programming (DP) are both from the optimal control theory and can both achieve optimal trajectories when they are applied to power management strategies of hybrid vehicles. However they have totally different control concepts. In order to select the superior one, the PMP-based and the DP-based power management strategies are introduced and compared for a fuel cell hybrid vehicle (FCHV) in this paper. The two power management strategies are applied to the FCHV in a computer simulation environment, and the simulation results from the two strategies are compared when the control variable for the PMP is fuel cell system (FCS) net power and for the DP is battery power. As a result, the superiority of the PMP-based power management strategy is proved.