Fabrication and Characterization of Anode Supported YSZ/GDC Bilayer Electrolyte SOFC Using Dry Press Process

Hoon Choi, Gu Young Cho, Suk-Won Cha

In the present paper, we fabricated and tested anode-supported solid oxide fuelcell(SOFC) with gadolinium-doped(GDC) and yttriastabilized zirconia (YSZ) electrolyte. The bilayer electrolyte thin film, consisting of a 8 μm thick YSZ layer and a 40 μm thick GDC layer, was prepared by a simple dry-pressing with simple spray coating process which is cost-effective method. The two electrolyte layers were sintered 1400°C together, and no crack and delamination at the interface were observed. An open-circuit voltage of 0.91 V and a maximum power density of over 218 mW/cm2 were measured with 3% H2O-H2 as fuel and air as oxidant at 600°C. The result shows that the electronic conductivity of GDC electrolyte was blocked by the thin YSZ electrolyte functional layer.