Fabrication of the large area thin-film solid oxide fuel cells

Joonho Park, Ikwhang Chang, Jun Yeol Paek, Sanghoon Ji, Wonyoung Lee, Suk Won Cha, Jang-Moo Lee

In this study, we fabricated thin-film solid oxide fuel cells supported by nanoporous substrates in order to enlarge an active area of the fuel cells. The multilayered structures using sputtering and atomic layer deposition were utilized to form dense and defect-free electrolytes to prevent the gas leakage and electrical shortage. The fabricated cell with the active area of 25 mm2 showed the open circuit voltage of ∼1.1 V and the maximum power density of ∼100 mW/cm2 at 500 °C. The sheet resistance of the electrode became critical for fabrication of the thin-film solid oxide fuel cells with the large active area.