Multi-component nano-composite electrode for SOFCS via thin film technique

Guyoung Cho, Yoon Ho Lee, Suk Won Cha

NiO-YSZ nano-composite thin film mixed ionic electronic conducting (MIEC) electrode was prepared by co-sputtering technique. Pure nickel target and YSZ target were used for DC and RF sputtering, respectively. XRD analysis was carried out for both as deposited samples and annealed samples. Annealing was conducted at 800 °C for 2 h. Fully crystallized structure was achieved from annealed samples. Investigations of composition ratio versus deposition power and surface morphology were performed using FESEM and EDX. The NiO-YSZ nano-composite thin film was used as an anode on one side of an YSZ electrolyte and porous Pt was used as a cathode on the other side of an electrolyte to form solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The cell test was carried out at 600 °C for 10 h with dry H2 and air. The open circuit voltage was measured 1.016 V and reduced 0.94 V after 10 h experiments. The maximum power density was measured 23.3 mW/cm2 and reduced 19.8 mW/cm2.