A new approach to characterize charge transfer reaction for solid oxide fuel cell

Sanghoon Lee1, Taehyun Park, Wonyeop Jeong, Inwon Choi, Hyung Gyu Park, Arunkumar Pandiyan, Suresh Babu Krishna Moorthy, Ikwhang Chang#, Suk Won Cha#

We developed a novel approach to characterize the electrochemical reaction of solid oxide fuel cell. The method constrained electrode-electrolyte interface geometry and thereby limited reaction area for charge transfer. Reactive ion etch (RIE) and sputtering techniques were used and the well-defined geometry of interfaces was realized as patterned strips. The number of strips of the pattern shape was fully consistent with the value of charge transfer impedance. The confined interface structure also helped maintain open circuit voltage for 10 h. This new approach proposes an alternative to quantitatively analyze different electrode materials for SOFC operation while excluding consideration for structural variables.