An Innovative Rotor Position Detection at Stand-Still and Low Speed with Carrier Phase-Shifted PWM Method

Kewang Qu1, Guoqing Xu#, Suk Won Cha#, Yanhui Zhang,#, Wei Feng, Junci Cao, Weili Li, Yihuang Zhang, and Zhigang Wu

An innovative permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor position detection method using d-q reference-frames derived from PWM inverter switching is presented based on carrier phase-shift PWM method. It also gives the development the polarity identification at standstill for permanent magnet synchronies motor in the rotary frame with position detected of the neutral voltage. The new technique detects the motor position from simple measurements of the neutral point voltage of the motor influenced by the variation of inductances with respect to rotor position. The transfer is derived with constant element and 2nd harmonic element of selfinductance and mutual-inductance between three phase inductances and the inductance of d-axis and q-axis. Theoretical studies are carried out and verified using experiment results with variation rotor position over one electrical cycle at standstill. Rotor position estimation from stator inductance variation with rotor position is effective in zero speed and low speed.