Effect of Ultra-Thin SnO2 Coating on Pt Catalyst for Energy Applications

Ikwhang Chang, Daihong Kim, Yeageun Lee, Seong-Hyeon Hong, Suk Won Cha


In this paper, we present a simple and novel approach for stabilizing a porous metal-based nanostructure through atomic layer deposition in which ultra-thin tin oxide (SnO2) coats platinum (Pt) film. After heating the ultra-thin tin oxide-coated Pt samples at 300℃ and 500℃ and observing the in situ sheet resistance variations of Pt for 20 hours, we found that the ultra-thin tin oxide coating suppresses metal agglomeration. The thermal stability of ultra-thin tin oxide-coated Pt was greater than that of pure Pt, even at 300℃ and 500℃. More interestingly, the ultra-thin tin oxide coating was found to maintain the morphology of its underlying porous Pt at test temperatures of 300℃ and 500℃.