Effects of carbon contaminations on Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 thin film electrolyte prepared by atomic layer deposition for t

Suk Won Cha, Gu Young Cho, Yeageun Lee, Taehyun Park, Yusung Kim, Jang-moo Lee


In this study, influence of carbon impurities on characteristics of ALD-YSZ films is systematically investigated. Carbon concentration in ALD-YSZ films was controlled by changing Y2O3 ratio in YSZ super cycle. To examine electrochemical characteristics of ALD-YSZ films, nano-porous templates based thin film solid oxide fuel cells (TF-SOFCs) were fabricated with ALD-YSZ thin film electrolyte and examined at 500 ℃. Open circuit voltages (OCVs) of TF-SOFCs with ALD-YSZ were clearly dependent on carbon contaminations. High carbon concentration caused leakage current through internal short circuit, and then, OCVs of TF-SOFCs were decreased. Post-processing of ALD-YSZ thin film electrolyte improved OCVs of TF-SOFCs.