Enhanced Thermal Stability of Ultrathin Nanostructured Pt cathode by PdO: In Situ Nanodecoration for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Wonjong Yu1,Yeageun Lee, Arunkumar Pandiyan, Sanghoon Ji, Waqas Hassan Tanveer, and Suk Won Cha#


Due to its high surface area and catalytic activity, the nanostructure of platinum significantly enhances the electrochemical reactions of electrodes. However, the inherently poor thermomechanical stability of the nanostructure has been a critical issue. This study suggests a simple method of using a Pd layer deposited by sputtering to enhance the stability of the 20 nm thick nanoporous Pt. The microstructural analysis reveals that the Pd films are partially oxidized at operating temperature to nano-polycrystalline Pd formed around Pt particles and inhibiting the mobility of the Pt grains. By preserving the Pt nanostructure, the degradation rate of the Pt–Pd cathode structure is 10 times lower than that of the Pt cathode.